“Quality products, tasteful and large selection, every time patient and kind service!”

The Csepregi és Társa Kft. has become a member of the Új Ház Centrum!

Dear Builders and Restorers,

Every single purchase during our life means that we have to make a decision. Which brand should we trust? How much money can we spend on it? Should we consider quality or price? There are a lot of aspects we need to take into consideration. It doesn’t matter when we buy washing powder or yoghurt, since if we are not satisfied with the product, we will choose
another brand next time. However, purchasing an item for the construction or renovation of your property requires a long-term decision! When you buy building materials, you always need to be thoughtful, it is worth asking for expert advice. ÚjHÁZ Centrum, the biggest building material commercial network in Hungary gives you all the help to make this decision.

Why is it worth deciding on Új HÁZ Centrum? The answer is only one word: trust. Trust in an enterprise, which has got all the professional expertise of one and a half decades! Trust in our more than 80 stores, all of which are in Hungarian ownership, and in which helpful staff with great expertise help you make the right decision! Trust in our wide selection of offers, in the quality products of well-known producers, as well as in our favourable prices and discounts! At last but not least trust in a building material commercial network, which has been honoured with the MagyarBrands and the Business Superbrands Awards.

The decision was made by a committee comprising independent experts. We hope to greet you in one of our stores in the near future and that we can find the best solution whether you are building or renovating your home. Until then please take a look at our latest catalogue with our updated offers.

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